The Studio Class Rules, Terms & Conditions


  • Deposit of 50% for course must be made prior to course starting to secure your place. This is non- refundable within 1 week of your course starting unless cease of course due to reasons from The Studio.
  • Complete payment will then be required week 1 of your course starting.
  • Failure to make payment will result in your place on the course being given to someone else.
  • Due to fact that classes are run based on numbers and secured spots, Once you begin a 10 week block course at week 1 (no matter which level) full payment will be required. Should you wish to stop at any stage & not complete a course you are still required to pay for the block course in full.
  • No late starts past the third week are permitted as it is too difficult to catch up
  • You will only be permitted to change class day or time if there is an available space in a corresponding class and block course.
  • You will be liable for debt collection costs plus late payment fees of $25 if your block course or membership fees remain unpaid


  • If using a water glass, they are to be placed on a table, to ensure they are away from the floor and bare feet in case of breakages
  • No rings, bracelets or watches to be worn during classes or training to avoid injury
  • No aerial training of any kind if you are at the Studio by yourself, there needs to be a minimum of 2 people on site
  • Mats are provided for use, please use them if you are unsure of any moves you are learning
  • Some moves can carry more risk and be more challenging than others, students must follow instructor directions at all times
  • You must advise us of any pre-existing medical condition or injury you may have
  • Participation in classes, all activities and use of equipment at The Studio is at your own risk however all Staff are health and safety trained so if any injury occurs this will be dealt with in correct way.


  • If you are unable to complete your block course, due to injury please advise management as soon as the situation arises
  • Your attendance is your responsibility. As you pay for a block course of 10 weeks, if you can’t make a class no refund will be offered and no catch up class is available.
  • If a class cannot go ahead then it is our responsibility to inform you, with as much notice as possible.
  • If is class doesn’t happen due to staff sickness or availability that class wont effect your 10 week block course in any way.


  • All class curriculum remains the property of The Studio Ltd and is copyright. It can only be used by students for practice purposes and cannot be used in any way to teach non-studio members or reproduced in part or full for any reason
  • Our logo, bi-line and all The Studio cannot be reproduced without prior consent
  • Please see ’Weekly memberships’ form for terms and conditions of The Studio memberships
  • If you feel unhappy in anyway about classes, instructors or a situation that may arise, please tell us! We welcome feedback, it’s the only way our studio can improve if needed! If we don’t know…. Nothing can be done….

Information for parents/kids classes (students are under 16)

  • All students are excepted to listen & respect the teachers instructions during all classes and time spent at The Studio.
  • Students must not use other Studio equipment unless the teacher has given instructions to.
  • We reserve the right to dismiss students who aren't following instructions and are disrupting to the class learning environment. NO REFUND will be given should this situation arise.
  • These conditions have been put in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child, please make sure your child understands and respects these conditions before commencing classes.
  • In signing this form you understand that on rare occasions accidents could occur. We will do everything possible to ensure the safety of your child at all times.